• 1

    INTRODUCTION – Why This Workshop Matters to You

    • Introduction

    • How To Use This Workshop

    • Why This Workshop Matters to You

    • Many Ways of Being Jewish: The Diversity of Jewish Communities

    • Meet Members of the Jewish Community

    • Experiences of Antisemitism

  • 2

    PART 1 – The Longest Hatred: Antisemitism in the Past

    • Defining the Longest Hatred: Antisemitism throughout History

    • Optional Extension: Gallery Walk History of Antisemitism

    • The Holocaust

    • The Rise of Nazi Antisemitism

    • Manipulating the Masses: Nazi Propaganda

    • Provoking Fear and Hate: The “Language” of Propaganda

    • Student Activity: Propaganda Analysis

    • Too Close to Home: Antisemitism in Canada

    • Review Quiz

    • Conclusion

  • 3

    PART 2 – Old Forms, New Packages: Antisemitism Today

    • Not an Issue of the Past: Antisemitism After the Holocaust

    • Hate in Numbers

    • Examples of Contemporary Antisemitism

    • Student Activity: Holocaust Denial & Distortion and the Importance of Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

    • Secret Plots and World Domination: Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Then and Now

    • Student Activity: Compare & Contrast

    • QAnon: The World’s Largest Online Conspiracy Movement

    • Review Quiz

    • Conclusion

  • 4

    PART 3 – You Can Make a Difference! How To Be an Ally Against Antisemitism

    • Steps to Becoming an Upstander

    • Who, Me? Am I Biased?

    • Fact or Fiction? Become a Media Literacy Expert

    • Demonstration: How to Use your Media Literacy Tool Kit

    • Student Activity: Media Literacy: Fact-Checking through Lateral Reading

    • How To Stand Up Against Antisemitism

    • Student Activity: Speak Up Against Antisemitism: Conversation Practice

    • Student Activity: Speak Up Against Antisemitism: Answer Key

    • Other Ways To Take Action Against Antisemitism

    • Review Quiz

    • Conclusion

  • 5

    Additional Resources

    • Additional Resources: Teacher's Guide

    • Additional Resources: Student's Guide

    • Additional Resources: Presentation Audio Transcripts

    • Additional Resources: Workshop Sources

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    Share Your Feedback

    • Share Your Feedback: Write to the VHEC

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    Acknowledgments & Credits

    • Acknowledgments

    • Credits